Services Overview

Below is a explanation of available services.


The services category:

  • Dial-up Access phone number tables (available dialup numbers)
  • Register a domain
  • Web Hosting services


Utilities category:

  • Dial-up account usage checker (see how long you have been on line)
  • Customer update center (update your mailing address, credit card information, etc.)
  • Email web access (access your email while away from your computer via our web site)
  • On-line calendar
  • Our links page (links to good sites and services, used by us and recommended by our customers)
  • Search the internet (was a good search engine before all the rest showed up)
  • URL submitter (if you have a web site, even the free personal sites we supply you can submit them to the search engines for inclusion)
  • Contact us (if your email should go down of if you have any comments about our service you can send them in through the web interface)
  • Web page maker (make your personal web page and post it)

Fun Stuff

Games and other novelties:

  • Chat room (for talking with others, not like I.M.)
  • Listing of our customer free web pages
  • Hangman game (like when you were a kid)
  • Never ending story (you are welcome to add to the story)
  • Post card maker (send a postcard to a friend or loved one, you can even upload your own picture)
  • Members Web Pages (create, edit, add your web page)

Information Pages

Setup instructions, announcements and important information:

  • 10 digit dialing setup for your connection configuration
  • Agreement (our "Terms of Service" agreement)
  • Announcements (announcements and informational emails that we have sent out)
  • System set-up (instructions for using our service)
  • Filtered Access (information and instructions on using our filtered access)
  • Newsgroup set-up (for using newsgroups with our service)
  • Privacy statement