Please Note: These FAQ's are for reference only as we no longer offer dial-up or DSL service.

Is there any contract with the dial-up access?

  • No. There is no contract requirement with our dial-up services. The account may be canceled at anytime by either the customer or Cape Cod Web Systems. However, all users are bound by our "Terms of Service" agreement.

Can I have more than one email account (address)?

  • Yes, you many purchase as many email accounts as you want. Please see our "Services" description for prices and instructions.

Can I use more than one dial-up access number?

  • You may use any dial-up access number we offer. If away on business or vacation, simply find the dial-up number for the area you will be in before you leave.  Then when you arrive simply substitute the "away" number for your home number. One thing to remember, you can only have one concurrent connection in use at a time. If someone at home is on-line using your account you will be unable to connect at your away location until the home user disconnects.

Do I get a free web page?

  • Yes, you get space for a personal web page. This is for personal use only, please see our web page set-up page for detailed information and to setup a web page.

Can I access my email when at work or away from home?

  • You can access your email from our "Email web access" page. This is a web page interface, it will operate differently from your email program. You will need your email address, email username and password to access your account. You may access this page from any computer connected to the internet.