Welcome to our WWW email engine
Now offering "Webmail Enhanced"

These utilities will allow you to pickup, send, delete or read your email via the world wide web. From any computer anywhere that is logged on to the internet.

Simple email functions, send, receive, etc.

Offers much more than just email access. You will be able to customize your account, add notes, calendar functions, address books, date & planning storage and more. Because of information storage, this version requires cookies enabled.

Uses: If you are away on business, vacation or any other time you are away from your email program.

See the warning below.

  • Instructions:

    This web email utility will allow you to check your email for either YourName@ccwebs.com or YourName@CapeCodMass.Net only.

    When you use the www email program you will be asked three questions to access your account:
  • Login Name - This is the login name of your email account not your email address.  Use Only the login name, do not use the domain extension ccwebs.com or capecodmass.net.
    When you were given an email address you were also given an account login, type that account name in. If you do not know your login name email:
  • Password - This is your password for your email account not your password to logon to the internet, although the password can be the same.
  • Email Address - you can enter youremailaddress@ccwebs.com or youremailaddress@capecodmass.net .
  • Then click on "Login"

Follow the directions and help if needed in the email access program.
Feel free to use this utility anytime you need, there is no cost to use this utility for our customers.



Do not try to use this program to SPAM. SPAM is the sending of unsolicited (usually in bulk) email over the internet. This system logs each user and records the user's address. If you attempt to SPAM the system will delete your account and we will file a report with the  Federal Government's Internet Fraud Bureau.
SPAMing is a crime.

Sending email to a new email address or responding to an address or address that you legally have access does NOT constitute SPAM.